Time on my side

Every time I go to my parents’ house, I wind up playing in my mom’s jewelry box. She inherited a lot of pieces from my grandmother so it’s like a trip down memory lane when we play dress up. Resting among brooches and earrings were two pocket watches that my Nana bought at an antique shop years ago.

Since they aren’t family heirlooms, my mom had no problem letting me take one home. She even gave me a long, gold chain after I mentioned how my co-worker wore one as a necklace.

Doesn’t this make for a gorgeous pendant? Not only is it practical as a timepiece, it also serves as a little reminder of my grandmother and her impeccable taste in jewelry.

I still need to look into the American Waltham Watch Company but from my initial research, this particular pocket watch is from 1882. Have you transformed any old pieces of jewelry or other antiques?


One response to “Time on my side

  1. I love this. When antique pieces have a personal meaning, it makes them that much more valuable. Great addition to your already stylish wardrobe! 😉

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