Mads & Peety’s Day Off

It feels like forever ago that Peety and I decided to take a mental health day together but it’s finally happening tomorrow. We realized very quickly after meeting about a year ago that we have pretty much everything in common. Obsessed with Ryan Gosling? Yup. Dying to be besties with Mindy Kaling? You betcha.

After months of saying, “Dude, when are we gonna have a girls day?” we are finally gettin’ on that. Tomorrow’s plan is to hit up IKEA and Franklin’s Brewery. Along the way, we expect to be inspired by what we see and that means something really fun for all of you…a giveaway! An original Peety Draws piece of art will live inside a DIY-ed frame by yours truly. We’ll post details about the giveaway on Monday on Drunk on Discounts and Peety Blogs so stayed tuned for the details.

We’ll have a full recap of our day next week but for sneak peeks along the way, follow our adventures! We’ll be posting pics here and here and documenting our day on Twitter with the hashtag #MadsPeetyDay.

p dot s – Peety made the graphic (duh) with our Face Your Manga creations. 


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