Hanging out: Curtain DIY

I’ve been searching for curtains for months and every time I came across something I loved, the price tag made me run away. Since I wasn’t going to shell out $50+ for window coverings, I had to come up with a DIY solution.

Back in college, my mom used a flat bed sheet to create a closet “door” for me, but I wasn’t having luck this time around. A fabric shower curtain (like this one from Target) would also do the trick, but the majority are 72″, i.e. not long enough for my window. I finally decided to suck it up and make my own patterned fabric, using the photo below as inspiration.

My supplies:

  • white curtains from IKEA
  • stencil
  • acrylic paint
  • fabric medium
  • foam stencil brush

I moved all the furniture out of our dining area and set up my Dexter kill room craft area. I got some paint on the curtain before I even started so that determined where to place my first stencil. After that, I just eyeballed where to put the next one and worked a diagonal pattern from there.

Since these store-bought curtains are 98″, they’re a little longer than I need so the blue line of tape marks roughly where they should be hemmed – using iron-on, no-sew hem tape of course.

Here’s an close up of my beloved stencil – it’s the Georginian Motif SSO2078 from Stencil Ease. It’s listed for $11 or so online but I picked it up at AC Moore for under $8.

I painted one panel on Saturday night and the other on Sunday afternoon. It took about eight hours overall, but there were some stretch/laundry folding breaks in that time. R instagrammed this pic of me hard at work.

I absolutely love how they turned out but more importantly, I love how little they cost! Once I do a little more decorating and cleaning, I’ll share a wider shot of our bedroom so you can get the full experience.

Even though this project took a lot of time, the elbow grease put into these homemade curtains is totally worth it for the finished look. The total price (for both panels) is under $30, which is a steal when you consider that one panel from Target or West Elm can cost at least $25.

If you follow me on Twitter then you saw that this weekend, I also found the perfect dresser to transform into a campaign chest, first mentioned here. I’ll give you the full run down once I’m finished but for now, here’s a sneak peek my find!


7 responses to “Hanging out: Curtain DIY

  1. The curtains look great! I can’t get over how gorgeous that stencil is. Do you have any plans to reuse it on another project?

  2. Wow, I really have to steal your curtain idea. I love that you were able to do it so easily. Did you just use a brush and literally paint the stencil? Because that is so easy which means, I must do it.

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