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Happy Thanksgiving Eve, everyone! Today is Jersey Day at work so I’m rocking the RG3 jersey that R got me for my birthday. It’s probably the horrible overhead lighting but man, am I pale or what?

Marzia: Italia / Peety: Redskins / Me: Redskins / Crystal: South Korea

Luckily my family is local so I only have to drive 30 minutes tomorrow. There will be football, there will be mashed potatoes, and there will be more mashed potatoes. Before I start drooling at the thought of those creamy, garlicky ‘tates, let’s dive into this week’s Pinned.

I’m in the middle of a bedroom revamp and one of my goals is to create a beautiful dresser top vignette. I fell in love with the gorgeous lacquered boxes at C. Wonder but then I found a less expensive way to pull off the same look. The boxes above are from The Container Store so with a little embellishment, they will look almost identical to the pricier ones.

I think I’m obsessed with serving trays. I can’t decide between the $5 one I found at Target and this amazing DIYed one from Glitter ‘N Glue. It’s made from a picture frame and fancy drawer handles – so easy and chic!

Until a few years ago, you would never catch me in gold jewelry or falling for anything gold toned. For whatever reason, I’m in love with gold accents and that includes stationary. I spotted these wedding invites on Snapshots and My Thoughts – aren’t they fabulous?

Buzzfeed is one of my favorite websites to kill time. Their collection of gift wrap ideas (some of which I’ve seen on Pinterest) is full of good ideas. My favorites? Number 3, decorating with confetti, and number 11, wrapping with an old shirt. I’ve actually wrapped gifts with scarves before – it’s like two presents in one!

I cannot. stop. laughing. at these pickles. I stumbled onto Cuddles and Rage last week and lost track of time scrolling through all of the comics and scenes. Do your smile lines a favor and click over there today.

I hope you have a wonderful turkey day and survive whatever Black Friday shopping you decide to do. I’ll be in the car on my way to Pennsylvania to spend the weekend with R’s family so I’ll just live vicariously through the crazy people waiting in line at midnight.

2 responses to “Pinned: Fancy & Funny

  1. Yay for Thanksgiving! I love those invites and feel the same as you – I’m not a gold anything person… but it’s definitely growing on me. I definitely love it in print for sure. Those invites are awesome.

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