Dare to DIY: Entertain

It’s week two of the Dare to do-it-yourself series and this week’s theme is ‘entertain.’ I absolutely love hosting get-togethers but most of my parties feature finger foods or a buffet-style meal. The man and I are having a few people over for a seated NYE dinner so I want to make sure that the dining table looks as good as the food tastes. I’m not sharing my NYE decor plans (sorry, you’ll have to come back in January to see those!) but it has me thinking about place settings.

Ever since I spray painted some toy elephants to look like brass figurines, I’ve been trying to come up with other ways to use plastic animals.

I bought this collection of zoo animals for $5 at the craft store and spray painted them white, although you could use any color you like. I just have other plans for these cuties and figured white would be a good base for whatever I do in the future.

For the purposes of this photo, I took a fabric remnant from my throw pillow project to create a makeshift napkin. It actually plays really nicely off the green place mat, turquoise dinner plate, and light orange appetizer plate.

This former tiger is now a “ceramic” place card holder! I just tied my name around his neck with string but there are so many ways to use Mr. Tiger and his zoo friends. You could break them out for a safari-themed baby shower or when serving a vegetarian meal – a little tongue-in-cheek humor never hurt anyone.

You can see my week one Dare to DIY post here. Don’t forget to check out the other participants posts over at Newly Woodwards, Maybe Matilda, Decor and the Dog, and Two Twenty One.

11 responses to “Dare to DIY: Entertain

  1. great idea of letting the “animals” join in on the fun! I think it would be fun too to use just dogs or cats especially if your guests have pets. 🙂 Thanks for sharing! linking back from Newly Woodwards

  2. Grrrrr, Baby – Very Grrrrr! I love this project. Cheap and so Chic! If I were a guest at your table, I’d call dibs on the Rhino! ;^) Much Dare to DIY Love!

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