Lovely lipstick

No, this is not a post about beauty products. You finally get to see the transformation of my campaign chest! Sometimes projects take forever *ahem curtains* but this one came together in just a few weeks.

In the beginning of November, I started my search for a dresser that I could easily transform. I could have bought a new dresser from IKEA or another inexpensive-ish store but since I planned to refinish it anyway, Craigslist was my best bet. I gave myself a $50 budget but didn’t limit my search to that price range. A lot of times, sellers list a bunch of items in one posting and the price advertised relates to a full set, or to one of the other items. (You can read more Craigslist tips here).

dresser pre-revamp

I lucked out and found this dresser for only $30. I was prepared to buy all the brass accents but this one was loaded and ready! Another amazing feature? Divided drawers. Seriously, this made me so happy.

drawer dividerEven though the this bad boy is solid wood, the top had a clear resin finish and needed a good sanding.

preppingYes, I sand in the moonlight. Please ignore the dead plants behind me, I was not blessed with a green thumb. As you can see, I removed the drawers and taped off the brass elements. After wiping it down, I used two coats of KILZ stain blocking spray primer. Since it was odorless, I was able to bring the dresser inside before going to bed. Not that anyone was going to steal it, it weighs a gazillion pounds.

lipstickI chose Lipstick by Behr (the third color down) because it has this orange/red/pink thing going on depending the the lighting. It definitely looks orange in the picture below, but it’s not quite that shade in real life. Are you ready for the big reveal?

newdresserI love that you get a little peek of the curtains in the mirror. Navy and lipstick look amazing together 🙂 As for the items on top of my new campaign chest…they’re not all there for the long haul. The white jewelry box and ikat teacup will stay but I want to get a clear acrylic tray and some other pretty storage options. I’ll also be adding floating shelves above the dresser to display pictures and knick-knacks.

And now, because I love you and have no shame, I’m going to give you a glimpse into our slightly updated bedroom.


Ok, this is more of an “in progress” picture. Switching dressers was like stumbling onto treasure – I found four presumed-missing sweaters! Worse than a sock-stealing dryer, if you ask me. Oh, and why are there two big boxes on R’s side of the room? He brews beer and I made him move everything out of the dining room area when I had my Stella & Dot trunk show.

Our bedroom revamp is far from over. Here are a few things I’d like to tackle, in no particular order:

  • Install floating shelves above dresser
  • DIY headboard
  • Repaint lamps (something glossier and maybe in navy or gray)
  • Buy area rug
  • Create sitting area in corner (maybe, there might not be space!)

I’ll have more dresser related gab fests once I get on those shelves and storage solutions. A gift card to The Container Store would make an excellent Christmas present. I’m just saying.


3 responses to “Lovely lipstick

  1. Okay, this is the coolest thing ever. You are my hero. I am so afraid to tackle a project like this. I might have to commission you to help me if I find a diamond in the rough. By the way, the color is amazing! So cool how different it can look in the light. Nice work, man! Totally impressed. 🙂

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