Clearance Collection: Urban Outfitters

A few weeks ago, I shared some of my favorite clearance items from Target. Today I’m bringing you another Clearance Collection, this time from Urban Outfitters. I have to confess, I have my own discount card from UO because R works there but the items I’m showing you today are on sale for everyone. What kind of person would I be if I teased you with discounts?

UO has a reputation for being kitschy, ironic, and for hipsters only. You won’t find me in a fringed crop top but even I have found some things to love. Here are a few things you can get behind.

urbanoutfittersPint Glass / Purse / Rings / Stickers / Sneakers / Graphic Tee / Cardigan

Pint glasses are always a good option – you have to drink out of something! This one is marked down to $5.99, as are a few others if Coors isn’t your thing. Think about filling the glass with candy for an easy Secret Santa gift.

These “get the hint” stickers are perfect for someone like me, who loves to mark magazine pages for later. At 50% off, I might have to stock up on a few packs. Also inexpensive and fun? Those stackable rings. You can pick from three sizes and two colors for 10 bucks.

For the record, I’m kind of in love with this satchel. It’s not real leather (which is good because it would cost hundreds of dollars if it were) but it is fabulous. This would make a great gift for your sister, best friend, or yourself. It’s $50 and comes in the rust color above as well as black.

Since I’m from the DC Metro area, I had to throw in a little nod to local sports. The Washington Nationals were formerly the Montreal Expos so this graphic tee, for $15, would be a great gift for the sports fan in your life. Also for the man in your life, kick ass Asics. Shoes might be difficult to buy without the giftee trying them on but you should be able to get away with his regular size with this brand.

The BDG cardigan isn’t actually listed in the sale section but it’s on a holiday promotion, which means it’s $29 instead of $39. I’m not usually blown away by a 25% discount, but I love this sweater and already own two. At 5’9″, I’m too tall for most skirts and dresses at UO but this cardi fits perfectly in my typical size (medium).

There are so many more things on sale in stores and online so get out out there and shop!

4 responses to “Clearance Collection: Urban Outfitters

  1. Where was that Expos shirt this past father’s day when I had to buy one off for $22 bucks to wear to the Nats game! I could’ve used R’s discount! Haha

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