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Happy Wednesday, folks. I don’t know about you but I’m itching for a vacation and a Bloody Mary.

engagement picR and I took our holiday card photo this week so now all I can think about are our future engagement pictures. I think this one is so sweet and not at all cheesy. I have a few outtakes from our holiday photo shoot that I’ll share later this month and one of my favorites is like this – looking at each other and not the camera.

avengersOne of my co-workers told me about this hilarious website, The Hawkeye Initiative, that takes Hawkeye from The Avengers and puts him in sexy lady poses. This one of Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, and Hulk slays me because of Black Widow’s expression – she’s the only girl and the only one not showing off her derriere.

wine holderThis is genius. Not only does the product from Quirky keep your wine bottles from rolling around the fridge, it also keep the top elevated so you don’t have any spillage!

baby clothesFirst of all, this baby girl is too stinkin’ cute but I actually pinned this because of her outfit. That’s a little boy’s shirt re-purposed into a little girl’s dress! This slideshow on Babble has a bunch of other adorable stylish baby tips.


My BFF got a new Fossil watch and two bracelets for her birthday, which reminded me to check out what else they have in stock. I’m really digging this rose gold bracelet for layering.

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