Dare to DIY: Deck the Halls

Remember those little plastic animals I used as place cards in the second Dare to DIY challenge? Well they’re back for the “Deck the Halls” challenge!

Deck the Halls supplies

These four lucky animals were selected for a bright & sparkly ornament makeover. I have plenty of paint leftover from my kitchen artwork project so I broke that out, along with some sparkly paint last seen here.

painted animalsI applied two coats of the acrylic paint and one coat of the silver sparkles. I’m sorry but a blue giraffe is just the cutest thing ever.

photo 1 (5) photo 2 (5)

These little guys are hanging on a mini Christmas tree at my office and will likely rest on my desk once the holidays are over. As you can see, I just tied some string around them but you could also insert a little eye hook for a more polished look. Work with what you have, right?

Thanks to Decor and the Dog, Maybe Matilda, Newly Woodwards, and Two Twenty One for hosting this Dare to DIY series – I had so much fun participating!


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