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The internet is freaking out about today’s date, 12/12/12. My favorite tweet, which sums up my feelings on this “phenomenon,” comes from BaltimoreTom:

Moving right along to today’s Pinned.

Emerald goes traditional

I already shared my love for Pantone’s Color of the Year but this image from the HGTV blog got me thinking. Our bedroom is going through some changes, what with navy curtains and a coral-ish dresser. Combine that with our existing gray striped duvet and we’re three-fourths of the way to this gorgeous color palette. I want to re-paint our bedside lamps so emerald green might be the winner.

chocolate chip cookies

When R and I got engaged, he made a pretty major request: “bake me things.” Until last weekend, I didn’t even own flour so this was a hefty challenge in my book. I Googled a few simple recipes and settled on these chocolate chip cookies. I must admit, they taste amazing.

outfitI don’t know who came up with fashion rules but trust me, it is no longer a faux pas to wear white after Labor Day. Just last week, I rocked white jeans with boots and a cardigan. I also love this pairing of a gray sweater and nude flats. Fashion gods be damned!

DIY herringbone chevron rug

I started following Sarah M. Dorsey Designs after I saw this rug DIY featured somewhere online. It’s an easy way to update a plain jute rug so it goes with the rest of your room decor. She also painted a dresser coral, so I’m pretty sure we’re meant to be buds.

VA State SilhouetteI was one of ten lucky readers to win a $30 gift card to City of Prints through a giveaway on Caitlin Wilson’s blog. I love winning things! I was able to customize the background color as well as the icon shape, color, and city location. This print is currently on its way to my house so I’ll share how it turned out once I frame it and hang it.

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3 responses to “Pinned: Applicable to real life

  1. The DIY jute rug idea is amazing. I would never have thought to do that. 2013 is going to be a busy busy year for me what will all the awesome projects you’re introducing me to!

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