Holiday cards

Now that all of our holiday cards are out, it’s time for a little behind the scenes look at how they came together. I found a picture on Pinterest that featured a couple wrapped in a string of large Christmas lights and wanted to replicate that. We got the lights at Big Lots for $18 which is kind of a splurge but we’ll use them every year to decorate so it’s more of an investment.

Last year, we used our own point-and-shoot camera but this year we wrangled in our friends Rob and Nina to help. Toward the end, their son Casey jumped into a few pictures…and then jumped on Rusty. Here are some outtakes of our photo shoot.

behind the scenes

We clearly had a good time tying ourselves up in lights and posing for the paparazzi. Once we settled on a decent photo, I took to Pic Monkey for some cropping and text additions then uploaded it to Zazzle. All cards were 50% off and I found a free shipping code (using my search techniques detailed here) so we were able to get 50 postcards for $23, not including the cost of stamps.

Without further ado, Rusty & Madeline’s Christmas card 2012!

holiday card

One response to “Holiday cards

  1. love love love this! The outtakes are awesome. By the way, your idea of searching for discount codes online before making an online purchase is genius. I did that over the weekend and saved almost $10 on a gift for my father-in-law. SUH-SWEET!

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