Pinned: See you in 2013!

I can’t believe Christmas is less than a week away – where did the time go? I have some seriously fun holiday plans, starting with a tour of the White House tonight! I’ll be back with a recap of that later in the week so now, let’s see what I’ve been pinning.

DIY trayI’ve been looking around for clear acrylic trays to add to the top of my new campaign chest but everything out there is so expensive! I ran across this post on A Fabulous Fete and realized, duh, I can use a plastic box frame. I ordered one from Amazon for just $5 and once I add some patterned paper, I’ll have a customized look.

Anthropologie S&P cardThis card from Anthropologie is super cute and would be so easy to recreate with black card stock and a silver Sharpie. You could do a whole series of “we go together” cards and include things like popcorn & butter, peas & carrots, coffee & sugar. Ok, I better stop before I get too hungry.

Anthropologie Fairburn NecklaceAlso from Anthropologie is this gorgeous necklace. Considering how expensive big, chunky necklaces can be, this one is a steal at $58. Just imagine how great it would look with your LBD or a classic jeans and white t-shirt outfit!

Momtog Chain GangI’m a sucker for babies and cute photo backdrops. I remember making paper chains in school where each link represented a book we had read so I like the nod to my childhood. All this takes is some colorful paper, scissors, and tape. Easter baby optional.

Gift wrapping ideas

I’m determined to start jazzing up my wrapping jobs in 2013. Starting with a base of white or brown butcher paper and adding ribbon, sequins, pom poms, or anything else festive makes for a fun and thoughtful presentation.

This is the last Pinned of 2012 because I’ll be off having holiday fun for the next week but keep following me on Pinterest – you never know what I’ll find over Christmas!

2 responses to “Pinned: See you in 2013!

  1. I’m obsessed with the paper chain link as a backdrop. I see too many people do it to not try it myself. We need to invest in some construction paper and get our craft on! So cool about the White House tour, too! I’ve never been so I’ll love to hear the full report.

  2. I’ve resolved to start doing better wrapping jobs, too, starting with this Christmas. No more slapping on paper then stealing Mom’s bows when I arrive the day before!

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