Year-end activities

Happy New Year, lovies! I spent the past few days in my pajamas so putting on real clothes this morning was a chore. Sadly, vacation doesn’t last forever so here I am, back at it.

You probably saw a few holiday pictures on Facebook and Twitter, but here’s a look at what’s been going on in my Drunk on Discounts world for the past few weeks.


A few weeks ago, my friend Nina and I took a tour of the White House and got to see it all decorated for Christmas. We snapped this pic by one of the many trees. I should point out that we’re both wearing flats in that picture. She really is that much shorter than mešŸ™‚

R has been experimenting with brewing beer lately so I wanted to get him something useful and thoughtful. I bought a 2-liter growler from Northern Brewer and made it unique by etching the glass to say “rust brew.”

Our view from the couch was so pretty with the twinkling tree lights and bear rug coasters that we got for Christmas.

I never made gingerbread houses as a kid but for the second year in a row, I got together with some girlfriends to build, admire, and eat them. It turns out that cotton candy from a bag makes for a great snowman, but it melts down in minutes so Frosty quickly became a blob.

That’s me and my brother “Griffining” during the Redskins/Cowboys game this past Sunday. Nobody got engaged this time but my beloved ‘Skins won again, clinching the NFC East Division title for the first time since 1999.

R and I hosted a NYE pajama party for a couple of our friends. We drank champagne, played Cards Against Humanity and Telestrations, and did a lot of singing and dancing. Everyone spent the night like a good hostess, I even made waffles on New Year’s Day.

I’ll have more to say about NYE later this week, including a few recipes and how we sent out invitations. Until then, have fun trying to re-focus at work!

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