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I’ve been a little preoccupied this week at work. You see, I’m starting a new job in a few days so I’ve been busy with transition meetings and file clean-up. I don’t want to say too much about my new gig yet but I’m really excited to take this opportunity and continue my career in social media. Enough about me, let’s see what pinteresting finds we have today!

On a cold, gloomy day, nothing beats a bowl of soup. Buzzfeed usually features hilarious articles but I was excited to see a recipe on there. My last attempt at making soup didn’t turn out that great but now that Santa brought me an immersion blender, I’m more excited to try again.

Zulily Black Frasia 05 Wedge

This black and gold wedge was on Zulily the other day. Remember that site name? It’s one of the daily discount sites I mentioned in this post about finding deals. I wish I had jumped on this one sooner because my size is now sold out. That’s the good and the bad of these sites – you have to move quickly!

romantic, loose updo

Wedding planning is starting to feel more real now that R and I have scheduled a venue tour. I’ve put a lot of thought into the type of dress I want but I’ve recently started looking at hairstyles. This one is elegant but not too fussy.

I'm Told I Love Football onesieEven though we’re nowhere close to having a baby, R and I are already arguing about which NFL team future baby will root for. Whatever baby chooses, he/she will be a fan of the game and will need this onesie from Retro Baby Wear.

crazy floral pumps - Making It LovelyThis outfit on Making it Lovely puts a smile on my face. I love every element from the matching soft pink sweater and glasses to the bold skirt and pumps. Of course, I love most things Nicole from Making It Lovely does so do yourself a solid and check it out.

And now I’m off to use the office’s Keurig as much as possible before I no longer have access to it. Maybe I can smuggle it out in my purse…


2 responses to “Pinned: Changes

  1. I really like the hairstyle. It looks simple, yet elegant. The pink, black and white? Classic female. I love those colors together! They really are timeless and a lot more colorful than just black or should I say it—beige!

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