Miss me?

I’ve been away for quite some time…21 months to be exact. There’s no real reason other than L-I-F-E. Yes, it gets in the way of things sometimes and as much as I was loving this blog, I didn’t have the time to devote to it. When I drifted away, I had just started a new job. Then I was planning my wedding. Then I was freaking out about planning my wedding. Then we moved. All of the “then’s” bring me to the now. I’m still busy. My job is just as crazy, I’m getting my Master’s degree, and the holidays are coming. Why in the world would I choose now to jump back into this blog? Plain and simple, because I miss it. (You missed me, too? You’re so sweet).

I’m not going to guarantee how often I’ll post or that my posts will look like they used to. I’m not re-branding myself because let’s be real, I haven’t changed. I still love discounts and sharing my fabulous finds and DIYs with my friends. I still spend way too much time watching Netflix than I do getting fresh air (inside air is just as breathable). And apparently I still think that people want to hear what I have to say.

Let’s do this shit. Are you with me?


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