Pattern Play

I just swiped my debit card but I swear, it wasn’t my fault! Pay Day means date night with the Mr. and he suggested stopping by Old Navy after dinner. Who am I to argue with a man who wants to shop? Naturally, I walked out with five things and he left with nothing.

navy tartanplaid flannel / tights / boyfriend cardigan / gingham

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are just around the corner and stores are posting a ton of sales already. Part of me wants to wait for better deals but the other part of me just wants. I’m happy to report that four out of five items were 40% off.

I used to make fun of R for the quantity of plaid and flannel in his wardrobe but look at me now.

‘Tis the season for tights! I have navy, gray, and patterned but tend to wear black because they just go with everything so I snagged a new pair. I also picked up pair with polka dots because why not?

A black and white checked shirt will look chic under a colorful sweater or with a statement necklace, with jeans and flats or tucked into a pencil skirt. Gotta love versatility.

I’ve always been a cardigan girl – a cardigirl? – yet I didn’t have a dark teal one. It’s a pretty jewel tone – much richer in person than on your screen – that works on every skin tone, and it was only $16. It also pairs well with both of these shirts.


I paired the plaid and cardigan combo with two Stella & Dot necklaces, Mae ($49) and Somervell in gold ($59). I have half a dozen friends who are S&D stylists and every now and then, they’ll sell their sample pieces at a discount. I bought both of these at 50% off and love wearing them together or on their own.

Find anything at Old Navy lately, or are you waiting for Black Friday?


4 responses to “Pattern Play

  1. I badly want to wait until Black Friday but it’s so hard! I’ve been shopping at Loft a lot more lately because they’re having sales constantly! I just bought a Lou & Grey sweater there for $16 (on 60% discount!), black tights to wear with dresses in the winter, and a color block dress, perfect for the winter (again, on 60% discount). They make it so easy to buy without the guilt feeling afterwards.

    I love the stuff you scored! I’m sorta feeling like I need to add a striped button-up to my wardrobe but still can’t get myself to buy one, just yet.

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